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Surya Namaskar

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is an all-in-one workout and a powerful aid in the process of weight loss. Sun salutations are a complete practice, and this sequence of twelve postures encompasses all the essentials of asana, pranayama, and even meditation. Each of the twelve postures of the salutation corresponds to the twelve phases of the sun.

In this blog, we will see step by step process to perform the Surya Namaskar. This article gives the importance and benefits of Surya Namaskar with pictures to perform every pose.

Surya Namaskar


1. Inhale, exhale with palms together.

2. Inhale, arms up, stretch back, arching the back.

3. Exhale, bend down, touch the forehead to your knees, palms flat on the floor. It is best to bend the knees to protect your back in this posture.

4. Inhale, right leg back, palms in line with the feet, chin up pointing to the sky.

5. Retain the breath and bring the right leg back in a plank position.

6. Exhale, go down, chin down, chest down, knees down, hips up.

7. Inhale, come up in Cobra or Bhujangasana, elbows pointed out, toes pointed out.

8. Exhale, inverted V.

9. Inhale, right leg forward in line with your palm, chin pointing up to the sky.

10. Exhale, bring the left leg forward and bring your forehead to the knees, palms flat on the floor.

11. Inhale, arms up, stretch up, arching back.

12. Exhale, bring the arms down.

13. Repeat the same now on the left side, replacing all instructions for the right leg with the left leg.

Surya Namaskar Step 1
Surya Namaskar Step 2 and 3


1. Stretches and strengthens the spine, legs, arms, back, and shoulders.

2. Balances irregular breathing and heart rate, reduce stress.

3. Improves blood circulation in the body.

4. Full body workout.

contraindications: Fever, acute inflammation, blood toxicity, high blood pressure, spinal disc herniation, back pain, recent surgery

Surya Namaskar Step 4 and 5
Surya Namaskar Step 6 and 7

Surya Namaskar Step 8 and 9

Surya Namaskar Step 10
Surya Namaskar Step 11

Surya Namaskar Step 12

Yoga Tip: During Surya Namaskar, it is critical to breathe along with the movements. When you bring the chest up you inhale when you bring the chest down, you exhale and when you are in the neutral position you retain the breath.

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