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Ira Trivedi

An ever-growing collection of yoga classes to support your well-being and spiritual growth.

It's a self-paced Yoga Program
@ ₹999 for 1month

The pandemic stole the sense of time and paused our lives. Studios were shut and there was no other way to practice yoga. But now there’s no stopping us because our pre-recorded video allows the learner to stay healthy and perform yoga asanas at their convenience. These videos give you a studio-like experience in the confines of your home. Take some time for yourself with these mindful and adaptable yoga classes that can be done anywhere, anytime with great effectiveness.

What's Included


Pre-recorded yoga classes by Ira Trivedi

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Access to all yoga recordings for 1 month

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A self-paced yoga program

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Guidance and wisdom on both our human experience and our timeless nature

Who is this Course for?

Suitable for Beginner-Intermediate yogis seeking various yoga courses to take in the comfort of one's own home.

What you'll learn!

​Just @ ₹999 for 1month

  • It will help you Improve strength, flexibility, and stability.

  • Learn breath-synchronizing and become more mindful. 

  • Learn various Yoga Asanas and understand the purpose of transition

  • Get accustomed to effective Yoga Sequences

  • Ease stress and calm your nervous system with efficacious yoga asanas.

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