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YogLove, a beacon of classical yoga tradition in the realm of wellness services, brought to you by the esteemed Namami Yoga Foundation. With a steadfast commitment to holistic well-being, YogLove offers a comprehensive yoga program tailored for individuals and companies worldwide.

At YogLove, authenticity reigns supreme. Rooted deeply in the ancient teachings of classical yoga, our classes provide a genuine and enriching experience. Led by the renowned Ira Trivedi, a luminary in the yoga and wellness domain in India, our programs embody the essence of pranayama, asana, and dhyana.

Central to our philosophy is the belief that yoga is not merely a physical practice but a holistic journey encompassing mind, body, and spirit. Through our online and offline offerings, we aim to make the transformative power of yoga accessible to all, regardless of location or background.

YogLove operates under the auspices of the Namami Yoga Foundation, a charitable trust registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act 2010 (Registration No. 083781710). This underscores our unwavering commitment to ethical practices and societal welfare.

Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, inner harmony, and profound transformation. Experience the true essence of yoga with YogLove - where tradition meets innovation, and well-being knows no bounds.


To make the transformative power of classical yoga accessible to all for holistic well-being


To deliver authentic yoga programs rooted in ancient tradition.

YOGLOVE  ira trivade

Meet the Founder

Ira Trivedi is a best-selling author and Yoga Acharya. She has written eight books, including fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books. She teaches yoga from her studio in Mumbai, her global retreat programs and her online programs. She has TV shows on yoga on leading channels including India’s national channel. She has a major presence on social media influencing human beings positively around the world.

Ira’s books have been published by leading publishers internationally and translated into several languages. Ira writes for leading publications in India and around the world, including Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy. 


She has won several awards for her work, including the UK Media Award for her work on bride trafficking and the New Indian Express Devi Women’s Award for dynamism and innovation. She has been honored as one of BBC’s 100 most influential women in the world.

Know more on www. iratrivedi. in
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Meet the Team

Aanchal Yoga Instructor

Anchal Pilani, with 9 years of experience, teaches Yoga, Wellness, and Vedanta, focusing on post-motherhood health and children’s education.

Maiwenn meditating

Maïwenn, the Yogi Ballerina, excels in ballet, contemporary dance, gymnastics, aerial silks, pole dancing, and Burlesque, showcasing her versatile artistry.

Ankita meditating

Ankita, from New Delhi, is a yoga teacher and sound healer with 600 hours of training, embracing yoga as a lifelong journey.

Kalyani Yoga

Kalyani embodies the essence of mindfulness through yoga, mastering the art of living in the present with calm and grace.

Vanshika meditating

Vanshika, an experienced yoga teacher, combines Hatha, Iyengar, and restorative practices, emphasizing body-mind awareness and physical strength.

Akshit meditating

Akshit, a former national tennis player, is a Yoga teacher specializing in Hatha and Acro Yoga, integrating meditation and movement.

Neelam Meditating

Neelam Kandiyal, a certified yoga therapist from Rishikesh, specializes in Hatha Yoga, emphasizing alignment, breathing, and self-awareness for all ages.

Greta meditating

Greta Tigras, a Holistic Wellness Coach and Intuitive Healer, blends ancient yogic techniques, modern mindfulness, and mysticism with 8 years of experience.

Ajachi meditating

Ajachi Anthwal, a New Delhi yogini, teaches mindful art and yoga to kids, fostering serenity and sustainable lifestyles. "Inhale hope, exhale fear."


Aman is an experienced yoga teacher specializing in Yin Yoga, co-hosting retreats, and incorporating holistic healing practices into her teaching.


Shivali Chatterjee: Experienced Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa instructor, blending ancient wisdom with modern life for holistic well-being through yoga practice.

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