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Pranayama Coach
with Ira Trivedi

Pricing Plan
  • Learn the essential principles, practices, and benefits of Pranayama on mind, body, and soul. Hone your skills and confidence to become a pranayama teacher and breath coach.

  • Develop expertise in various breathing techniques for teaching Pranayama yoga to an individual or group. 

  • There is a huge demand for Pranayama breathing coaches worldwide so you can successfully learn Pranayama yoga teacher training with our Yoga Alliance recognized certification.


  • You can work anywhere as Pranayama breath coaching requires very little space, no equipment, and no prior experience.

  • Get certified from home as our online Pranayama course allows for deep learning from the comfort of home, and our special course format gives you access to trainers in real-time for feedback, questions, and interactive lectures.

Learn the essential principles
and practices of Pranayama

Develop expertise in various breathing techniques

Huge demand for Breathing
Coaches worldwide

Breath Coaching requires NO Equipment, NO Prior Experience

Start Anytime, Anywhere at
the comfort of your home

Fresh recordings daily
(never get bored!)

Practice with our amazing teachers

Access to community
WhatsApp group, book club,

Course info


Course info

INR 14,999/- 
(Valid for one month)


  • Lifetime access to course material.

  • Self-paced lessons so you can study in your own time.

  • 15 pre-recorded video lessons and 8 pre-recorded audio lessons.

  • One pre-recorded video lesson on how to teach online so you’ll be ready to take on clients, serve them at a high level, and get paid.

  • Daily study materials to gain an in-depth knowledge of Pranayama breathing.

  • 1 Final Exam (Theory + video recordings of yourself teaching)*

  • Yoga Alliance recognized Pranayama certificate.

  • Focus, alertness, mindfulness, mental clarity, and equilibrium are all improved.

  • Reduces tension and anxiety, bringing relaxation and quiet.

  • Improves sleep quality and reduces insomnia.

  • Enhances vitality, making one more active, enthusiastic, and upbeat.

  • Working memory, cognitive flexibility, and reasoning skills are all improved as a result of this supplement.

  • Increases the quantity and quality of prana, increasing energy, sharpness, and vitality.

  • Clears pranic obstructions, harmonizes the pranas, and stimulates different parts of the brain.

  • Improves lung function and the respiratory system by increasing oxygen intake and absorption.


  • Introduction to Pranayama

  • Importance of Pranayama

  • Fundamentals and principles of breathing techniques

  • Yogic breathing and different types of Pranayama

  • Meditation teacher training

  • Basic and advanced Pranayama practices

  • The respiratory system

  • Health benefits of Pranayama

  • Yogic Kriyas

  • Bandhas and their types

  • The five principle Pranas

  • Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training Techniques

  • Pranayama protocols for various levels and health conditions


  • Obtaining Pranayama certification from Yog Love is based on a comprehensive examination and requires you to maintain the ethical and moral principles of Yog Love. 

  • All online exams will be closed book, meaning you won't be allowed to use search engines or course materials. You will be expected to maintain ethical standards while taking exams. 

  • After completing the course our students receive a Pranayama yoga teacher training certification. The awarded Pranayama certificate can be registered as an ongoing education program via Yoga Alliance.


"I had a wonderful experience during my course, and I always wanted to learn yoga from Ira ma'am. Although it was a self-learning course, I got one-month unlimited membership to attend all the classes to improve my knowledge. Ira ma'am provided me with all the essential information about how to do pranayama and teach others. Moreover, the audio files along with each module are beneficial for my future practice."


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