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Our Online Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course is a comprehensive program designed to teach  students the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively teach yoga to children.


A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) credential is earned by a yoga teacher which gives trainees a solid launch pad to begin their careers as kid's yoga teacher. 


The course covers a wide range of topics, including anatomy and physiology, child development, teaching methodology, class management, techniques and practices, ethics, professionalism, business, and marketing.

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Course Info


3rd august -2nd September

INR 29,999 (Online On Zoom)
*Fee is non-refundable. Under any circumstances, if you are unable to join the course after paying the fees, we will enroll you for the next Kids Yoga TTC batch.



*Modules + Recordings will be provided for learning and self-practice.

*LIVE yoga asana practice from 10 am to 12 pm [IST] on weekends.
(Recordings will be provided if you are not able to attend the LIVE session).

*Modules, Assignments, and Recordings will be given for self-learning and practice during the weekdays.

*Attendance is mandatory for 2 out of a total of 4 weekends during the course. Certification will only be provided to those students who maintain their attendance during the LIVE sessions.

*If any offers, discount or free courses are given as part of Kids Yoga Teacher Training to you along with your registration, these must be avail during the course and may not be availed after the completion of the course.

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​WEEK 01

   Welcome to the course​

  1. Why yoga for kids?

  2. Yoga Philosophy

  3.  Introduction to Anatomy

  4. Sun Salutations and postures


Kids Yoga & Yogic Concept of Education

1. The Yogic concept of education

2. Yoga Philosophy

3. Anatomy- Breath, Health & Pranayama

4. Practice Session of Pranayama

​5. Ayurveda for Kids


Psychological theories & Yogic Philosophy

1. Psychological theories of development

2. Yoga Philosophy

3. Anatomy: astral bodies, nadis and chakras

4. Trataka Practice

​5. Mindfulness & its importance for kids


Practical Application of Yogic Knowledge

1. Yoga as preventive medicine

2. Ethics and lifestyle

3. Anatomy: Benefit of Yoga for children

4. Teaching Methodology

5. Kids Application Training  Areas

6. General Background and Introduction to Physiology


What You Get 

  • Develop in-depth knowledge and practice of yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation,  yoga philosophy, and more to train kids.

  • Develop the skills and confidence you need to become a compassionate kid's yoga teacher.

  • The mix of live and interactive classes, recorded modules, and self-paced lessons ensures flexibility

  • Techniques and Practices: You will learn various yoga poses, breathing techniques + relaxation techniques that are suitable for children.

  • Ethics and Professionalism: You will learn about the ethical and professional responsibilities of being a kid's yoga teacher, including maintaining a safe and inclusive environment, respecting diversity, and establishing healthy boundaries.

  • Business and Marketing: If you are interested in starting your own kids yoga business, you will learn about the basics of business planning and marketing your services.

  • Those who want to enhance their knowledge of Yoga. 

  • Yoga teacher who wants to expand your teaching skills and develop your expertise in teaching yoga to children.

  • Those who want to become a part of a thriving community & establish a career as a kid's yoga teacher.

  • Those who are looking for a comprehensive, well-structured kids yoga teacher training course with personal guidance and instruction. 

  • Health and wellness professionals such as pediatricians, therapists, and counselors who work with children and believe in incorporating yoga into their work.

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Who should attend this course?

Why Choose Us

  • We present a planned, systematic, and complete Online Kids Yoga Teacher Training course that allows you to teach both locally (in India) and globally (worldwide.) 

  • We teach anatomy and physiology which can be difficult for many simply and effectively.

  • Yoga techniques have been modified so that you may confidently support your, students, during yoga classes.

  • Yoga Certification from Yoga Alliance.

  • Convenient timings with weekend only live classes and self-paced learning during the week 

Our Teaching Faculty

Reviews from Our Students

Certification Policy
  • Students must maintain ethical behavior during this course which includes (but is not restricted to) attending classes on time, submitting their assignments, maintaining attendance, etc.

  • Obtaining yoga certification online from Yog Love is based on a comprehensive examination and requires you to maintain the ethical and moral principles of Yog Love.

  • All online exams will be closed book, meaning you won't be allowed to use search engines or course materials. You will be expected to maintain ethical standards while taking exams.

  • All participating students have agreed to Yog Love policies (see privacy policy + terms and conditions)  by being part of this online Kids Yoga Teacher Training course.

Fee Structure

  • For residents of India - INR 29,999

  • *inclusive of taxes + daily live classes + all TTC materials + weekend workshops with Ira and our expert team

  • Early Bird Discount - Get an online recorded Pranayama course worth INR 15K FREE

  • Pay INR 9,999 now to book your seat.

  • *Need-based scholarships are available for students.

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

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