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Ladakh Yoga Retreat

Dates: 26th July - 31st July

Why Sign Up For this Yoga Retreat?


Break from Technology

Reconnect with Divine Nature

Practice Yoga Amidst The Tranquil Settings

Digital Detox Helps In Prioritizing Your Well-being



Overcome Chronic Stress Patterns Through Breathing & Mindfulness

Go Deeper into Your Yoga Practice

Our Experienced Yoga Instructors Helps You To Master Asanas & Pranayama's


Become Mindful

Our Yoga Retreats Provide Mental Clarity & Increases Attention

Yoga Retreat for Beginner & Intermediate Yogis

An all-inclusive program, our Yoga Retreat mixes daily yoga instruction with a variety of other yoga retreat activities. Morning yoga and meditation practices will leave you feeling revitalized. 


In our luxurious yet affordable yoga retreat in India, the health benefits of yoga are paired with healthy plant-based meals. Meals, lodging, and all activities are included in the fee. You will feel refreshed and centered after this magical experience. 


Yog Love’s Yoga Retreat in India contains adventure and yoga retreat activities, excursions, and fun in which you will let go of inhibitions, gain balance, power, and vitality, and accept a shift that is far more beautiful, calm, and spiritual. 


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Ira’s retreat was the perfect way for us to detox, rejuvenate and also spend some quality time together. As entrepreneurs and founders of businesses, both of us have busy schedules. It is difficult to incorporate both times for health and also for each other, so Ira’s yoga retreat really was the perfect combination of both. 

By Parnika, New Delhi

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