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The Yoga Life- How to get started

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

I was overweight, I had bad skin, and I was losing hair. None of my clothes fit me, and my constant state of agitation was ruining my personal relationships. I had just moved back to India from the US, and I was depressed, lethargic, and had a major case of writer’s block. Overall, my life was utterly imbalanced. This was my state of being when I first began my yoga practice.

Ten years later, I am at my ideal weight. I eat healthier and never fight to ward off cravings. It may sound bizarre, but I only crave what is good for my body, and my hair and skin are not just under control but fabulous. I have a healthy attitude towards my work – I work hard but am detached from the outcome of the results – and often, I find myself floating on a creative high. I have better control over my emotions and have realized that nothing in this world or this life should make me unhappy. No matter how clichéd it sounds, I’ve also realized that no matter what the circumstances or how dreary the situation, life can truly be a joy every step of the way.

Simple yoga and meditation practice helped trigger my transformation. My time spent at the Sivananda Ashram taught me that yoga is not just a physical practice but a lifestyle and that it is crucial to inculcate yoga into all aspects of your life. The yogic life happens organically and naturally. And it begins with just 10 minutes a day.

The Yoga Life

Perhaps the simplest way to explain it all is through the five points of yoga.

The five essential points of yoga are:

1. Proper Breath
2. Proper Relaxation
3. Proper Diet
4. Proper Exercise
5. Positive Thinking

These points are interlinked. Each one leads to the other, and the practice of yoga helps nurture all five. While physically practicing yoga, you always focus on your breath. As you hold the asana, you learn how to relax deeply. Asanas work on your internal organs and hormone systems, which helps control sugar cravings and unhealthy eating habits. Asana practice, even a short one, leads you away from negative feelings of anger, anxiety, and fear towards positivity and joy. A good diet will come naturally. When you practice yoga, you will only want to do what is best for your body and stay away from things that don’t serve you well.

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