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The best yoga poses for busy women

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

The practice of yoga can help promote reproductive wellness in women and maintain optimal health during their periods, during pregnancy and during menopause. Routine practice helps alleviates symptoms that are associated with fertility cycles – so much so that teachers specializing in prenatal yoga are trained to ease the period of pregnancy that is vital to the growth and development of a healthy baby. Personally, it was yoga which gave me the body that I wanted – not the hundred other things I tried. I find that yoga suits women’s bodies, it helps tone but prevents bulking up. It also helps get rid of pesky blotting, which can give the appearance of weight. Below are five essential asanas that every woman should incorporate into her daily routine.

Yoga for PMS

A monthly ordeal you are all too familiar with, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) can cause a whole range of symptoms from physical discomfort to emotional mood swings. Just a few minutes of yoga a day can help mitigate the effect of these symptoms on the body and eliminate the need for any form of medication. I, like so many women that I know, suffered from the worst period cramps and PMS pain. Regular yoga practice has helped bring my menstrual rhythm under control.

Upavista Konasana


1. Sit tall and spread the legs out to the side. You should feel a little tension, but not too much.

2. Walk the hands out toward the front, gazing forward and keeping the back straight.

3. If possible place the elbows flat on the ground.

4. Stay here and breathe

Janu Sirsasana


1. Sit in a relaxed posture with the legs stretched out in front of you.

2. Bend the left leg, resting the left foot against the right inner thigh, or bringing the left foot over the right foot in half lotus.

3. Inhale and raise the arms.

4. Exhale and fold over gently, reaching as far as is comfortable with the hands for the right foot.

5. Inhale and exhale and try to relax the body even further into the pose.

6. Repeat on the left side.

Manjiri Asana / Bitalasana


1. Begin by coming on all fours with palms below the shoulders and knees hip-distance apart.

2. Inhale, raise the chin and tilt the head back, relaxing the abdomen, letting it sink down, whilst raising the tail bone.

3. This is the Cow Pose. Stay here and breathe.

4. Exhale, drop the chin to the chest and arch the back.

5. This is the Cat Pose.

6. Stay here and breathe for a few seconds before returning to a neutral position.



1. Lie flat on the stomach.

2. Raise the legs and grab the ankles with the palms so the body is in the shape of a bow.

3. This is Saral Dhanurasana.

4. Lift the thighs off the ground. This is Dhanurasana.

5. Stay here and breathe.

Matsya Asana


1. Lying on the back, bring the arms underneath the body.

2. Inhale, raise the chest up and place the crown of the head on the ground.

3. Using the arms and elbows for balance stay here and breathe.

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