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Major Changes Coming To Yoga Studios When They Reopen

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and the yoga industry is no exception. With yoga studios closed, there has been a massive shift to online yoga classes and as more and more people are vaccinated, yoga teachers in India are now rethinking how they provide their yoga teaching.

The thing is that the demand for yoga has increased rather than decreased throughout the pandemic.

Yoga Studio Group Classes

Yoga has emerged as a preventive tool in the pandemic world, prompting individuals all over India to seek out yoga lessons with online yoga teachers. Online yoga classes have emerged as the need of the hour along with a few other changes.

What’s Changed in the Yoga World?

Online Teaching

Within the first few weeks of the lockdown, several online yoga teachers came up. Teachers and practitioners have slowly begun to adjust to the 'new normal,' and there have been some unexpected benefits.

Online Yoga Classes

  • Classes can be more flexible because there is no need to worry about a place. Time slots can also be modified by online yoga teachers as needed.

  • As they get used to practicing at home, students are learning to be more accountable for their own bodies.

  • Many more students have set aside time in their homes to practice yoga.

  • Many students have purchased yoga equipment, which allows them to practice at home.

  • Online yoga teachers have benefited from the time and energy saved by not having to rush to events.

  • There are very few expenditures involved, other than online platform subscriptions.

  • Your students don't have to live in the same city as you!

So, for the time being, there's a lot to like about teaching online. However, there are many aspects of the in-person encounter that yoga teachers overlook.

For many, sticking to a yoga challenge requires motivation that they don’t get from an online yoga course. Some students haven't made the switch to online programs, so knowing when we'll be able to teach in person is crucial.

No Contact during In-Person Classes

When you return to in-person yoga classes, don't expect your yoga teacher to assist you to correct your triangle pose or offer you a pleasant shoulder squeeze in savasana. Manual aids are being phased out by some yoga studios and yoga instructors in an effort to reduce the spread of germs among pupils.

No Contact during In-Person yoga Classes

This will undoubtedly frustrate some, but it's a tiny price to pay for a limited time, and it still allows students to benefit from in-person yoga classes at a time when we most need them.

Bring Your Own Equipment

Bring Your Own Yoga Equipment

If you don't already have one, now is definitely the time to get one. When studios reopen, many yoga instructors will no longer lend or rent mats to students, nor will they have yoga tools to borrow. Everyone should and will be forced to bring their own gear until the coast is entirely clear.

No Yoga with Masks

Yoga's goal of fostering a connection between movement and breath is one that could be hampered if students and teachers are required to wear masks throughout the flow. Before allowing students back to class, some yoga studios may wait until mask instructions have been lifted.

Yoga With Mask

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way the world practices yoga. Instead of giving up our practice, we must make the shift to online yoga classes.

Yog Love’s numerous online yoga courses are LIVE and interactive. We offer expert yoga training by online yoga teachers who are experts in their practice so you can do yoga in real-time and keep your immunity up during this difficult time.

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