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Online Yoga Teacher Training: Worth it or Not?

In the current COVID-19 scenario, we are rethinking how we live, work, and play in this time of change. With many people working from home or undergoing job changes, now is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and earn continuing education certifications. An online Yoga Teacher Training Course might be the best thing you can choose for yourself right now.

Why Choose an Online Yoga Teacher Training Course?

The majority of online yoga teacher training courses are comprehensive and in-depth. They encompass all of the major components of a traditional teacher education curriculum, such as theory, practice, and workshops. Live training and one-on-one coaching sessions are also available.

Even if a class is entirely virtual, a student can sense the teacher's influence in the way the class is conducted. For an online learner, the ability to ask questions, receive live comments, and receive more exact coaching makes a significant difference.

Benefits of Online Yoga Teacher Training

1. It fits into your already hectic schedule.

hectic schedule

Taking an online course saves your time as compared to learning yoga at a studio. So you can factor in yoga much better into your already hectic schedule. You have the option of taking the YTT course online all at once or tailoring your study schedule to fit your schedule. This is best for working people way to practice yoga, as well as those with families or other responsibilities.

2. YTT course online is less taxing on your wallet.

YTT course online is less taxing on your wallet

A decent YTT course can often be costly. The course fee is merely a portion of the total cost. Your travel expenses and preparations for staying in a retreat or ashram are separate expenses. One of the biggest advantages of taking a YTT course online is that it becomes less expensive. You can choose from a variety of courses and choose one that fits your budget. Furthermore, many online programs provide substantial reductions.

3. You can listen to it again.

Pre Recorded Yoga Classes Video

Some businesses provide a free session to let students learn more about the course. Furthermore, in a YTT course online, all yoga training classes are accessible for the rest of one's life. In a live teacher training, however, you only get to do each session once. Similarly, you may obtain numerous fantastic video tutorials from experienced teachers in an online TTC and utilise them to build your own teaching approach and self-practice. Meditation teacher training can also happen as part of these certified yoga instructor courses.

4. YTT Course Online contributes to a greener future.

Yoga Teacher Training Course Online

Living thoughtfully allows us to reconsider our priorities and make the necessary modifications as a result. COVID-19 saw a significant reduction in carbon emissions due to fewer vehicles on the road and less use of consumer goods and services. This eco-friendly approach is supported by online training.

Yoga Alliance Certification

Most schools will give some type of certification once you have completed all of the prerequisites of a teacher training course. Yog Love’s Online Yoga Teacher Training Course awards a Yoga Alliance Certification upon successful completion of the course. This yoga certification is essential if you want to be a recognized yoga teacher.

Yoga Alliance Certification 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

A comprehensive yoga certificate course, such as the 200-hour yoga teacher training, is required before receiving an international yoga teaching credential. Such courses necessitate a student's attendance at on-site training in order to fulfill a set number of contact hours. However, following the COVID-19 crisis, this has changed. Virtual class hours (both pre-recorded and live) for online yoga instructor courses can be substituted for live contact hours.


Yoga means different things to different people and influences them in different ways. But, at the end of the day, yoga’s benefits are universal for everyone and that’s why working as a yoga instructor can be a great career opportunity. Getting your yoga training online can allow you to learn yoga much better and derive the maximum benefit out of your yoga teacher training.

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