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Pranayama coach course with Ira Trivedi

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that means "life force" and "expansion." Generally, pranayama is a term used for "breathing exercises" or "breathing techniques" performed while practicing yoga. It is an ancient breathing practice that has recently gained popularity across the world because of the several health benefits associated with it. Pranayama helps us focus our awareness on the breathing process, which is often ignored. It helps establish regular breathing patterns breaking the negative cycle and reversing the debilitating process. It does so by giving us control of the breath and reestablishing the natural, relaxed rhythms of the body and mind. One can control the power of the mind through the control of breath and reduce tension and anxiety.

Regular practice of pranayama also improves sleep quality, enhances vitality, clears panic obstructions, harmonizes the pranas, and stimulates different parts of the brain and nervous system. Pranayama makes a person mindful and impacts positively on working memory, cognitive flexibility, and reasoning skills. Pranayama breathing is the best supplement for people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases like asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis. The long-term practice of pranayama breathing results in kundalini and siddhis awakening (psychic powers). Altogether, it stimulates physical, mental, and spiritual well-being by bringing harmony between the body, mind, and soul.

Recently, the East-meets-West approach has opened the doors to several opportunities worldwide for Pranayama yoga teacher training to an individual or group. Our Yoga Alliance recognised certification is a perfect choice in this rapidly changing world. Interested students can get certified and acquire deep learning from the comforts of their homes with our Pranayama certification online.

Our Pranayama teacher training course is specially designed by international yogini Ira Trivedi to develop a safe and sustainable Pranayama practice. It offers a holistic approach for yoga therapists, teachers, and healthcare practitioners to learn the essential principles, practices, and benefits of Pranayama on mind, body, and soul. These online pranayama classes will help the learners hone their skills and gain confidence to become pranayama teachers or breath coaches. Pranayama breath coaching requires very little space, no equipment, and no prior experience.

Our specially designed self-paced pranayama classes give access to trainers in real-time for feedback, questions, and interactive lectures. Trainers will also have unlimited access to e-learning curricula and course materials, which can be later used as personal business materials without any hindrance. The Pranayama coach course is inclusive of 15 pre-recorded video lessons, 8 pre-recorded audio lessons, and live and interactive classes for Pranayama yoga teacher training. Our pranayama certification online course also offers pre-recorded video lessons on how to teach online, so you’ll be ready to take on clients, serve them at a high level, and get paid. The trail of pranayama teacher training benefits doesn't end here. Learners will also have extra one-month access to our online yoga studio to practice asanas and pranayama regularly.


  • Introduction to Pranayama

  • The Importance of Pranayama

  • Fundamentals and principles of breathing techniques

  • Yogic breathing and different types of Pranayama

  • Meditation teacher training online

  • Basic and advanced Pranayama practices

  • The respiratory system

  • Health benefits of Pranayama

  • Yogic Kriyas

  • Bandhas and their types

  • The five principles of Pranas

  • Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training Techniques

  • Pranayama protocols for various levels and health conditions

We believe in imparting the best, so we conduct 1 final exam (theory + video recordings of yourself teaching) to test your understanding.

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