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Embark on a Transformative 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course with Yoglove

Are you ready to deepen your practice, transform your life, and become a certified yoga instructor? Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training awaits you!

The very first question that comes into our mind is, what is 200 Hours of TTC? A 200-hour Teacher Training Course (TTC) is a standardized yoga teacher training program that covers the foundational aspects of teaching yoga. The "200 hours" refers to the minimum number of training hours required for certification by Yoga Alliance (which is a widely recognized accreditation body in the yoga community.)

At Yoglove, we generally run three to four batches of the 200-hour TTC course per year. The course is divided in such a way that it accommodates even the busiest of people's schedules. Short modules, a well-structured handbook, as well as live classes and their recordings, all contribute to a more engaging learning environment for the learner. An illustrious faculty of professionals ensures that the knowledge disseminated is of high quality and that our students become experts in whatever they do.

The classes are broadly divided into two parts: the weekday sessions and the weekend sessions. While the weekdays are for morning yoga practice, the weekends are for module teaching. The faculty includes experts from each field along with Yogacharya Ira Trivedi. For theory classes, we have Nimai Lila Prabhuji, chakras are covered by Janhava Sundari while practical classes are also taken by Swati Kain.

Small class sizes and a ratio of theory to practice that is well-balanced allow for better one-on-one attention for each student. A well-curated YouTube playlist featuring the main subjects covered in each of the 28 self-paced modules makes it easy to get the information you need. Yoglove offers students an opportunity to study ancient texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, as well as to investigate the philosophy and history of yoga. The physical and energetic components of the body, the effects of yoga on them, and injury prevention are all covered in detail.

In-depth instruction is given not only on the philosophical aspects but also on the asana's practical application. The wide variety of yoga poses, their alignment, and the advantages of each are taught to students at Yoglove. Learners are instructed on how to investigate different breathing methods to improve vitality, concentration, and general health. Additionally, they receive training on how to create a supportive environment, modify students, and comprehend the fundamentals of effective teaching. In the most participatory way possible, students are also taught the ethical foundations of yoga and how to apply them to their daily lives.

Group teaching sessions with your peers help you to receive constructive feedback on your teaching style, communication skills, and ability to create a meaningful yoga class. A friendly environment, supportive staff, and faculty help us to create the ideal environment a person will prefer to pursue a course.

Be certified as a 200-hour yoga teacher, embrace personal transformation, and become a part of our Yoglove community. Acquire the keys to professional and personal development by embarking on your yoga teaching journey with us.

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