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An Unforgettable Yoga Retreat In Govardhan Eco Village

Govardhan Eco Village is situated in the beautiful mountain ranges of Sahyadri and helps you experience the sattvic way of life. The Govardhan Eco Village in Wada Taluka of Palghar District of Maharashtra, incorporates the principle of simple living and high thinking. The Ecovillage is a lush green 85-acre campus and is made of a sustainable farming community. It also houses an Ayurveda centre, beautiful temples, vegan kitchen facilities, and supports organic farming. The Ecovillage also supports the development of nearby tribal villages and is striving to make the area more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Led by Yoga Acharya, Ira Trivedi, Yog Love is organising an Unforgettable Yoga Retreat In Govardhan Eco Village. Yoga retreats helps to transform yourself in a way that you have never envisaged. It allows you to enjoy your time without any stress or worry. Yogic practices bring you close to nature and connect you with the five elements. The Eco-Village is a testament to the powers of Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation to bring about a transformative chance to live in harmony with nature and according to the way Krishna wants us to live on a material level and spiritual level.

Mark the dates of your calendar and take some time out of your busy schedule, as YogLove will embark on the spiritual journey from 10th November to 13th November. The Eco Village is just 1.5 Hours driving distance from the Mumbai Airport. The accommodation is guided by nature and has evolved with an aesthetic passion. It encompasses sustainable philosophy. Govardhan EcoVillage is a masterpiece of forward-thinking flair, Where mathematics marries artistic and intelligence embraces emotion. There are two types of accommodation where one is Mahavan Cottage and the other is Madhuvan Cottage.

The high points of the yoga retreat will be soaking in the spiritual vibes, exploring a holistic approach to Sattvic life, exploring self-healing at Govardhan Eco Village and immersing yourself in the practice of Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation with Ira Trivedi.

You may start as a beginner into the yogic way of life with little understanding about yoga and meditation, but the retreat will help you to deepen your understanding, fine tune your yoga practice, connect with nature and help you experience the Sattvic food habits. All these things are bound to make a deep transformative change in your life. A yoga retreat is a perfect way for you to detox, focus, rejuvenate and also spend some quality time.

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