@Yogathon 4.0

Ira Trivedi

Dr Ishwar Basavaraddi 

Ankita + Shivali

Swami Abhedananda 

Shyamal Vallabhjee

Francescs Miralles

Aman Bakshi 

Todd Norian 

Hridaya: A guided mediation on the heart with Ira Trivedi. 

Ira Trivedi is the founder of Yog Love. She is a celebrated author and yoga teacher.

Yogic technique leading to meditation with Dr Ishwar Basavaraddi 

A practical workshop to align the mind + body + breath 

Dr Ishvar Basavaraddi is one of India’s highest authorities in Yoga education. He has led the national campaign to instil yoga in every life.  He works closely with the nations leading yoga teachers and masters to propagate yoga. Over his career has trained close to 100,000 yoga teachers. 

YOG LOVE SPECIAL with Ankita and Shivali 

Hatha Heart flow

Join Ankita and Shivali on a classical hatha yoga class concluding with a glorious sound healing session.

Ankita Gulati and Shivali Chatterjee are part of YOGLOVE teaching team

Stories of Krishna with Swami Abhedananda 

Need we say more? Join us for a scintillating session with stories from the life of Krishna told with humour, wit and love. 

Swami Abhedananda is head of the Chinmaya Mission in South Africa. He is a scholar of Vedic texts and a dynamic teacher who has led thousands towards a more spiritual and wholesome life. 

Breathe, Believe, Balance  with Shyamal Vallabhjee moderate by Rebekah Blank 

A practical workshop to understand and integrate self-love into your life 

Shyamal is a world renowned sports scientist, who  has spent two decades working with elite athletes, celebrities, world renowned industrialists, children, disadvantaged communities,NGO’s and game changers. His techniques have helped millions around the world achieve balance in their lives. 

Finding your Ikigai 

Join Francesc Miralles the author of the global best-seller IKIGAI on a journey of finding your own Ikigai. This session is interactive.

Aman Bakshi is part of the Yoga Love teaching team.

Ashaya Yoga

Abode of the heart with iconic teacher Todd Norian 

Todd Noria is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and founder of Ashaya Yoga. He formerly directed the prestigious Kripalu School of Yoga in MA, USA. Todd excels at making deep philosophical teachings accessible and relatable. As an accomplished musician, Todd has created music for yoga, meditation, and relaxation. He has been student of yoga since 1980.