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Yoga for Weight Loss and Detox Diet :
100% Proven Results

Why this course?

  • Learn about a yogic + sattvic diet and how to follow it for life.  

  • Get access to unlimited LIVE yoga  + fitness classes with Ira Trivedi + India’s best teachers.

  • Learn to eat according to the principles of Ayurveda.

  • Reach your optimal weight, improve metabolism, circulation, gut health and endocrine functions. 

  • Achieve perfect health, using wholesome, healthy, local Indian foods as your medicine.

  • Learn about millets, our ancient grains and how to incorporate them into your diet.

Ira Trivedi
Detox diet
Ira Trivedi
Ira Trivedi
Ira Trivedi
Food Cravings
What we offer
  • Get access to LIVE yoga classes from India’s best teachers at our online studio. We have over 30 classes a week for you to choose from including Pilates, Strength Training, and even Face Yoga. 

  • A 4 - week diet plan that can be personalized after consultation with our nutritionist.

  • Weekly evaluations with our nutritionist to monitor your progress. This will be done via google forms submissions + email + scheduled calls. 

  • Videos by Ira for education on yogic diet + nutrition. 

  • A PDF of Ira Trivedi's exclusive 10-Minute Yogic Diet (available ONLY for this course.) This book includes a range of healthy, quick, easy-to-make Indian and continental recipes focused on helping you lose weight.

  • Motivation + Inspiration along the journey 


This course is for you if: 

  • You want to learn about a yogic diet and healthy eating 

  • You want to be guided along the way by Ira and our team 

  • You want to incorporate vegetarianism and sattvic eating into your life. If you don’t know what sattvic means, you will soon 

  • You don’t have an issue with a vegetarian diet or removing dairy, caffeine, and sugar 

  • You love yoga and you want to go deeper in your yoga journey and practice 

  • You are spiritually inclined 

This course is not for you if:  

  • You expect a customized diet plan. We have a Yogic diet plan that alters every week and 1:1 consultations and monitoring of your diet every week

  • You can’t leave non-veg or heavy dairy 

  • You have a health condition that requires a lot of personal care 

  • You have no experience with yoga 


" It was fantastic. I lost almost around 6-7 kgs. I'm much more fit than before. The best part is that my skin has improved a lot! "


Weight Loss + Detox Challenge

Adjust to a healthy diet designed for Weight Loss.

INR 4999

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