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Core Asana

Suitable for beginner yogis and regular yoga practitioners.

  • 299 Indian rupees
  • Online Session on ZOOM

Service Description

What we offer? This class will focus on the core and the abdominal region to help build strength in the mid section of the body and the lower back. Through the asanas in this class, you will build endurance, stamina and overall agility. The asanas target the vital organs of the body: the stomach, the small and the large intestine, the liver, the spleen, the gallbladder, the pancreas, the reproductive organs, the bladder, and many blood vessels (arteries and veins). Why we need to build core strength? Our core muscles play a significant role in our daily activities. From getting out of the bed, walking, bending over and even helping us remain upright, the core muscles are engaged to provide these movements. The core muscles provide proper balance and stability to the body and help in all the possible movements required to function efficiently. Weak core muscles can leave us with poor posture, back pains and muscle injuries.It also causes weak digestion and eventually lowered immunity levels. Why is yoga important for our core? A strong core helps in the proper working of the muscles to support the body and it also makes us less susceptible to injuries while keeping our body aligned and centred. Yoga is a very good practice to improve and strengthen the core and its adjacent areas.Yoga asanas may come across as having slow and meditative movements but, the individual yoga postures that one practices can not only stimulate and energise the muscles but also develop strength, increase stability, mobility and endurance.Holding the postures or asanas engages the muscles to flex and it also helps in invigorating the energy channels of the body. Most yoga asanas engage the core but there are some popular asanas that target the core deeply. Boat pose- It is a stationery posture that improves stability and mobility. Plank Pose-In Plank Pose a lot of emphasis is on the muscles at the core and the shoulders. Full locust pose- This pose emphasises the proper functioning of the lower abdomen and also improves digestion.

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