Kasinath multiflora honey is 100% natural and pure product with no additives, no artificial colour, no added sugar. With various health benefits, it is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & nutrients.


Organic Multi Flora Honey 1 kg

  • Multiflora honey is   collected  from the nectar of many flowers. It has been blended / mixed up by the bees as the fly from one variety of flower to another mixed up by beekeeper.

    This product is the perfect  blend of 4 types of floral honey.
     The bee spp that is reared for multiflora honey is APIS CERENA  INDICA  ; the Indian bee.

    The color and flavor of honey  can vary, it has a very pleasant aromatic aroma, creamy appearance, and unique flavor of the variety of flower nectar. It has effective anti-cough, anti-flu, anti-cold, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, sedative, and stimulating medicinal properties making it different from any other product in the market

  • 1 ) Kashinath Wild honey is collected from wild bee – APIS DORSATA also called as Rock bee or giant Honey Bee .

    2 ) Wild honey collected from the untouched forest of India away from modern human intervention where the flora and fauna are free from the pollutants and toxins of modern civilization. The native people collect wild honey from the wild forest of Dipeshwar wild life melghat Yawatmal Maharashtra. The nest of this these bees are built on exposed places for off from the ground on tree Limb or under cliffs overhung ..

    3 ) Hard to taste with high nutritional value-
    One of the quality that makes it different from other honeys .

    4 ) Wild bee has Highest number of pollen counts than other bees .

    Considered among the healthiest food on Earth, and with good reason:

    Honey contains a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that nourish and re-vitalize your body. And it possesses unique antimicrobial properties that help you fight off infections.

    1 .. Detoxifying agent
    helps to detoxify your body from harmful pollutants.

    2 … Immune booster
    Honey is full of polyphenols , a type of antioxidant that helps body to protect cells from free radical

    3..health benefits.
    Honey Improves good Cholesterol.Honey is also an effective treatment for diabetic foot ulcers, which are serious complications that can lead to amputation
    To treat coughs , sore throats etc

    4.. Antibacterial properties
    Honey has antibacterial activity and is very effective in clearing infection in wounds and protecting them from becoming infected .

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