Fulfilled by Kanyoga:

Our traditional round shape zafu meditation cushions provide support to the pelvic muscles for a healthy posture during meditation for both cross legged and kneeling positions. The zafus have buckwheat hulls that conform to the shape of the body.

Meditation Cushion - Mandala Illusion Embroidered Zafu

SKU: KV-284Z
    • Size: : 38 D x 13 H cm, Weight: 3.300 kg, Color: Chambray & maroon
    • Filling: 3 kg of buckwheat
    •  Buckwheat hulls tend to take the shape of the body and do get comfortable with usage
    •  "Mandala" illusion design embroidered on the cushion
    •  Sturdy removable outer cover made of cotton 
    •  Pleats on the sides for extra durability
    •  Has a zip so that the cover can be removed for washing
    •  Handle for easy carrying

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