Jade Crystal Roller Massager is a luxury edition healing toning skincare tool that brightens face, helps anti aging , removes wrinkles , helps face slimming and can be used as a face, neck, eyes and foot massager

Jade Crystal Face Roller

  • Promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and in turn, the reduction of puffiness. Plus, the cool stone can feel spa-like and add some zen to the end of a stressful day.

    It can remove grease and dirt attached to the pores, so it has the effect of treating acne

    Working the tissue of your face gently to relax the muscles and release toxin buildup. The result is skin that's tighter and brighter, a more even tone, and saying buh-bye to bags under the eyes

    Marble Jade Facial Massager: White Jade Face Roller comes with Marble Gua Sha tool. White Gua Sha facial tool is used for gentle face massage of the skin (without breaking the skin) to get the flow of oxygen and nutrients that have been impeded by tension.

    Eye Roller for Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles: Using the small ice roller or eye roller work under the eye area and lids to prevent eye puffiness, dark circles, improve circulation and even minimize the look of fine lines.

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