This printed cotton yoga strap is made from ajrak print cloth- a hand block printed & naturally dyed cotton. It has a metallic buckle to lock the belt firmly, assisting you in attaining correct postures.

Cotton Yoga Strap In Handblock Red Print

SKU: ST0002
  • This red print yoga strap is made from ajrak print cotton-a hand block printed & naturally dyed cotton.  Straps are a wonderful accessory for your yoga practice. They are useful to assist in attaining correct postures by providing required tension of the pose without straining. Yoga straps deepen stretches and improve flexibility. Some yoga poses that work great with straps are seated forward bend, reclining leg stretch, extended hand to big toe, half or full boat pose,side stretch ,dancers pose and more.

    Know more about our cloth:

    • In our cloth, dyes are naturally derived from harda, lime, alizarin, indigo, herbs, fruits, leaves, and even camel dung. The beauty of natural dyes is they only work on natural fibers and are completely bio-degradable and when the textile gets disposed of, it can be returned back to the landscape
    • Ajrak Printing- The term “Ajrak”, may be derived from “Azrak”, meaning blue in Arabic, as blue happens to be the one of the principal colors in Ajrak printing. The printing is done by hand with hand carved wooden blocks. Several different blocks are used to give the characteristic repeated patterning. Hand blocking the cloth is a considerable challenge since the pattern has to synchronize perfectly with the whole of the Ajrak as well as cover various areas against dye

    Natural color derivation chart:

    • Blue- Indigo flowers
    • Red- Ferric alum
    • Black- Iron + Jaggery
    • Yellow- Pomegranate shell + Turmeric + Tai Yesu flowers
    • Orange- Ferric alum
    • Brown- Jaggery

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