Stylish, lightweight, and adjustable according to your style & comfort as two knot options are available at the back. It turns out to be the ultimate clothing for practicing yoga/ meditation. It is made from 100% naturally dyed maroon color

Cotton Double Knot Top in Natural Maroon

  • This is a 100% cotton made double knot top which is lightweight, stylish, and adjustable according to your desired height and comfort. The top is made from naturally dyed cloth (color derived from Ferric alum)

    Know more about our cloth:

    • In our cloth, dyes are naturally derived from harda, lime, alizarin, indigo, herbs, fruits, leaves, and even camel dung. The beauty of natural dyes is they only work on natural fibers and are completely bio-degradable and when the textile gets disposed of, it can be returned back to the landscape

    Natural color derivation chart:

    • Blue- Indigo flowers
    • Red- Ferric alum
    • Black- Iron + Jaggery
    • Yellow- Pomegranate shell + Turmeric + Tai Yesu flowers
    • Orange- Ferric alum
    • Brown- Jaggery

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