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Our Online Kids Yoga Class is focused on:

  • Yoga classes for kids to get started with a new habit.

  • Guidance for kids to make regular yoga practice their new inspiration.

  • Chakra Meditation Class: Specially curated for the kids yoga class to teach them about chakras through a unique combination of meditation, postures, and colors.

  • Mindfulness-based yoga classes will help kids balance schoolwork, extra-curricular activities, and fun.

  • Help getting rid of unhealthy routines which will make your kid stronger and healthier.

  • Free Goodness of Fruits assortment gift hamper worth INR 1,200/- from Naturo, India’s largest fruit bar manufacturing company.

  • Certificate on completing the Kids Yoga course.

Course info

Coming soon



Monday and Wednesday


Monthly INR 2400 /
USD 32


4 to 8 years

Benefits of Yoga for Children

1. Kids yoga help with memory and cognitive function

Yoga improves memory and cognitive function by instilling focus within the practitioner. Some children’s yoga poses, particularly balancing poses, need a higher level of concentration than others.

With our yoga classes for kids, they are essentially honing their capacity to concentrate on a single task. This correlates to increased focus and cognitive functioning at school, which leads to higher academic accomplishment in their daily life.

2. Yoga helps kids sleep better

Getting your body moving before bedtime is a great method to sleep better. When we're anxious or overloaded, our muscles tense up and our minds fill up, making it difficult to get a good night's sleep.

Kids can relieve stress by practicing kids yoga at home and using their breathing to calm their minds and nervous systems. Children's yoga training also aids in the release of stress and negative emotions carried in the body, allowing individuals to fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

3. Yoga helps kids gain strength and control over their breathing

Yoga necessitates mental and physical fortitude. We observe several physical and cognitive changes in ourselves when we practice regularly, including greater flexibility, upper body strength, and mental clarity.

Teaching good breathing techniques and developing physical and mental strength from a young age reduces the risk of obesity, depression, and depressive symptoms, as well as improves self-esteem, self-confidence, and general wellness.

4. Kids yoga helps relieve stress and anxiety

Reducing stress and anxiety is also part of improving mood. Endorphins, which improve mood and help to relieve stress and anxiety are created through regular yoga practice.

It is critical that we introduce kids to yoga to teach them how to balance negative and good emotions. When we're ready to let go of all that negativity, yoga relieves stress and anxiety by releasing tension throughout the body, literally releasing the negativity that has built up within our bodies. With our online kids yoga classes, kids can learn to deal with the negative emotions arising out of the current pandemic effectively.

5. Kids yoga boosts self-reliance and coping abilities

Yoga, as previously stated, is both a social and an individual practice. One of the advantages of doing children exercise that is both individual and social is that it teaches kids the difference between the terms "individual" and "social."

Kids yoga is an excellent technique to teach your children independence because their practice and the benefits they derive from it are theirs and theirs alone. Children yoga course focuses on building this self-reliance.

First 15 participating kids will receive Goodness of Fruits  assortment gift hamper worth INR 1,200/- from Naturo, India’s largest fruit bar manufacturing company.


  • Yoga asanas for children 

  • Mindful Art Activities 

  • Breath work 

  • Vedic story telling 

  • Guided meditation for children

  • Yoga Dance Party

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