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We here at Namami Yoga believe that yoga is fun, exciting, inspiring, amazing, and most of all life-changing. This is the spirit that we bring to our organization.
We offer a unique and insightful way to encompass yoga into your life.
We believe that yoga is a lifestyle more than a style.




One of our main aims at Namami Yoga Foundation is to give back to our community through yoga.
We have been working with children and young adults to build confidence, offer new skills, and have fun through yoga.
We are building a scholarship fund to enable young ladies to gain qualifications that can help them in their future opportunities.
We work within a network of a like-minded organisations to optimize our reach and seek out new connections that will build strong and creative partnerships.
Giving children and young adults the chance to take a moment on a mat, breath, move their body and open their heart to the possibilities of life.




Ira Trivedi

Ira is a passionate yogi who has taught and done yoga across the world. She is a best-selling author and when not writing she can be found doing or teaching yoga at Namami Yoga.
Her latest book is "My Book of Yoga" a book for children featuring our mascot Om the Yoga Dog.
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