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  • 3 LIVE 60 minute sessions with, our internationally certified face yoga expert, teaching you face yoga for glowing skin

  • Step-by-Step:

    • Session One 

      • How to tone and sculpt your face with yoga

      • Focus on yoga for good posture

      • Yoga for a long and beautiful neck

    • Session Two ​

      • Anti-aging yoga to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and lift your face

      • Yoga for the eyes, improving eyesight, and overcoming eye-related

    • Session Three​

      • Yoga to reduce acne & pigmentation, giving you clear and glowing

      • Learn to move energy and stimulate drainage of lymph & amp; excess water

  • 1-to-1 consultations by our expert​

  • Ira will share her personal skincare routine and products she uses and answer any questions on skincare.

  • On successful completion, participants will receive a certificate

What You Get :

Course info


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4:00 pm- 5:00 pm IST 



INR 1999 /  USD 25


Insecure about the lines on your face?

Transform yourself with the serene miracle of Facial Yoga Exercise.


Swap expensive, toxic skincare products with our recommended natural skincare products.


Face Yoga for glowing skin helps you empower and love yourself.

Why Face Yoga?

  • Face yoga for glowing skin calms you from within

  • Face Yoga for slim face makes your face looks more contoured

  • Facial yoga for chubby cheeks gives our face a natural lift

  • Facial yoga exercise is the way to a natural beauty routine

  • Face skin tightening exercise improves skin texture 

  • Anti aging yoga for face involving facial exercises for wrinkles makes your face look younger

  • Face yoga for eyes improves eyesight

Strengthen and Tone that Glow on Your Face

Face yoga is a complete facial workout that has numerous advantages. It shapes your face as well as reduces wrinkles and improves sagging skin. Yoga for face glow is a novel trend that lifts, tones, and stimulates blood flow beneath the skin. Face exercise for glowing face will give your face a natural charm. Facial yoga for chubby cheeks will give you a better shape, anti-aging yoga will reduce wrinkles. This will give your skin a firmer appearance and make it more susceptible to the effects of your creams and serums. You no longer need to waste your money on Botox and facelifts, which are costly and only last a few months and have serious side effects. Instead, I'll show you how to make specific facial movements that will make you seem your best organically.

You can choose the perfect exercises for your face with our Face Yoga Course's step-by-step online face yoga class with personal attention from our experts.

5 Components of Face Yoga

  • Face Exercise - We all know that strengthening and toning a muscle makes it stronger and firmer, as well as smoothing and lifting the skin around it. The same holds true for our appearance. Exercise for face glow strengthens your facial muscles, making your skin appear healthier. Face skin tightening exercises can make your face appear more clear.

  • Face massage - It is a soothing, relaxing, and therapeutic treatment. Facial yoga exercise for face glow is also beneficial to circulation. Face massage is the finest type of yoga for a glowing complexion since it helps to deliver new blood and nutrients to the skin's surface, which aids in the removal of toxins.

  • Acupressure - Acupressure points, which are based on an ancient concept, provide numerous benefits, including improved circulation and lymphatic drainage. It relieves headaches and tension while also boosting your wellbeing's subtle vitality.

  • Relaxation - Learning to relax the muscles in your face helps to lessen the lines generated by facial expressions. As a result, you'll notice fewer annoyances like jaw aches, headaches, and teeth grinding.

  • What we feel on the inside radiates out through our faces, creating a sense of well-being. Feeling good about yourself, speaking positively to yourself, and liking the face you see in the mirror every day are all excellent side effects of this completely calming and therapeutic exercise.

About Ayuga

Ayuga is the abode of authentic ayurvedic formulations and traditional rituals perfected for the modern-day skincare routine. Our skincare products and rituals are crafted and developed by India’s best Ayurvedic and Face Yoga Experts. The traditional concept of Face Yoga is seamlessly blended into a skincare routine that makes them easy and quick to perform and include in your everyday skincare routine.

The first 15 registrations will receive products from Ayuga worth 1500
Note - cannot ship products internationally

Group 1: Face wash & Day cream

Face Wash


Day Dream

Gentle cleanser curated to eliminate impurities and effectively cleanse the skin.

Natural skin firming cream that reduces dark spots, pigmentation and deeply moisturizes skin, giving it a natural facelift and radiance.

Group 2 : Face Serum & Night Gel

Face Serum


Night gel

Night Gel, a perfect all-night treatment that deeply hydrates while minimizing dark spots and pigmentation.

Skin Radiance Face Serum that minimizes dark spots and pigmentation and adds radiance to your skin.


The Face Yoga Workshop was informative and relaxing. I appreciate that besides learning facial exercises, we were given useful self-care tips the natural way.  Each day of the workshop was an opportunity to experience the holistic approach towards overall well-being.


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