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Are you curious about knowing the most suitable yoga for reducing fine lines and Double chin?

The purpose of YogLove is to bring a smile to your face and reduce stress on your forehead.


Subscribe to our self-paced Face Yoga Course to learn the secret of glowing, clear, healthy skin. Get rid of toxic cosmetics and embrace your natural beauty with simple face yoga and a proper diet. Our specially curated pre recorded video package is designed to tone and sculpt your face with love while reacquainting yourself with your inner self. 

Duration: 1 month (self-paced program)

Price: INR 499/-

Transform yourself with the serene miracle of Facial Yoga Exercise.

What you’ll get from our videos?

  • Learn how to tone and sculpt your face with yoga.

  • Focus on yoga for good posture.

  • Special Yoga exercises for a long and beautiful neck.

  • Appropriate ​Anti-aging yoga techniques to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and lift your face.

  • Yoga for the eyes that helps in improving eyesight, and overcoming eye-related problems.

  • Notable face Yoga to reduce acne & pigmentation, giving you clear and glowing skin.

  • Learn to move energy and stimulate drainage of lymph.

  • 1-to-1 consultations with our experts.

  • Know the personal skincare routine of Ira Trivedi.

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