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What You Get:

  •  Multiple LIVE Daily LIVE Yoga + Zumba + Pilates on ZOOM

  • Practice with Ira Trivedi and expert teachers at Yog Love

  • Access to our recordings library for 100 days for self-practice 

  • Certificate provided on the completion of the challenge

  • Motivation + inspiration when you join the Yog Love Family!

Course info


21st March - 28th June

6:30 am IST (Mon, Wed, Fri)



7:00 am IST (Tue, Thurs)

7:30 am IST (Mon, Wed, Fri)

9:00 am IST (Daily)

10:45 am IST (Sat , Sun)

3:00 pm IST Face Yoga (Sat)

INR 7499 /  USD 98



6:00 pm IST (Mon, Wed, Fri)

6:30 pm IST (Tue,Thurs)

7:00 pm IST Zumba (Wed)

7:00 pm IST Strength
Training  (Tue, Fri)

Why Take Up This Challenge?

​A yoga challenge is a great way to build a daily yoga practice. Our 100 Day Yoga Challenge is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners as we have multiple classes and batches every day. Our classes are small so that every student gets personalized attention. 

This yoga challenge includes Pilates, strength training and even face yoga so you get exposure to various dimensions of a holistic practice + there is never a boring day. 

Our online yoga challenges are  carefully planned to get you practicing yoga more often allowing you to become healthier, happier, stronger, and more flexible while also ensuring that you practice safely with our expert teachers. 

How to Successfully Complete the 100 Day Yoga Challenge?

The word 'challenge' connotes hard work, effort, and the achievement of a goal. But what if we viewed this yoga challenge as an act of self-love and kindness? Something to remind us to take a few minutes each day to pause, breathe, and reconnect with ourselves. Allowing us to refuel our batteries and be strong for those who depend on us.

Pay attention to your body during yoga. Try to practice mindfully in a quiet corner of your home. If something in a position doesn't feel right, it probably isn't! Change things up by stepping out of the stance a little and experimenting with what feels natural for your body — there's no such thing as a 'perfectly proportioned' pose. Remember, while we are there to guide you, your body and breath are the best teachers. 

  • Available Online

    Transform your Mind and Body in 100 Days!


    7,499 Indian rupees
What you will need...
  • Equipment needed:  Yoga Mat,  2 Blocks, Strap/Belt

  • You can send in your videos for asana correction over email

  • All classes are live and interactive so stay back to chat with Ira and the teacher post-class. 

Visit our yoga shop for Ira's favourite yoga products for your practice. 

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